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Try a demonstration of bluetooth control, with the free BlueCam app.

Requires iOS7+
Should work on all devices running iOS7 (iPad, iPhone, iPod) including 64bit (not tested)

ControlCam gives you the ability to control your Camera app using a bluetooth controller that support iOS devices, it's also compatible with ControllersForAll!

The following list contains supported buttons with their functionalities:
• R = Take a pic
• L = Kill the app (aka Emergency Exit)
• Up = Increase brightness by 10%
• Down = Decrease brightness by 10%
• Right = Switch to Photo Mode
• Left = Switch to Video Mode
• X = Switch from back to front cam and vise versa
• O = Set flashlight ON (Not for iPad)
• ▢ = Set flashlight OFF (Not for iPad)
• △ = Set flashlight Auto (Not for iPad)

Note: You might need to press hard the buttons since the pressure is max.

More features to come:
- Support multiple apps as Instagram, Retrica, etc…
- Customize each button

Enjoy ;)

No configurable options available.


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