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Consilium: the sequel to UltraFlat. A complete icon theme with layering and depth, designed specifically for iOS 7.

Consilium retains the beautiful simplicity you loved with UltraFlat, but re-imagines it in a way that complements and matches iOS 7. Depth is the main focus conveyed through each icon, done so through the use of layering and translucency. It works 'out-of-the-box', with no extra setup or tweaks needed to get the best experience. Virtually all system icons have been themed; even in iOS 7.1's iCloud Settings panel which (as of yet) no other theme has touched.

Of course, all the little details in UltraFlat carry over to Consilium: Each icon is designed around the iOS 7 icon Grid System, and the system colour scheme has been used to it's full potential. These 'ground rules' set out for each icon have been made much stricter for Consilium, ensuring a level of consistency other themes just can't match.

Download now on iPhone or iPod touch for just $99c. Full Settings, Spotlight and Auxo 2 compatability included.

Thanks: @Jato_BZ for help with theming main Settings icons and iOS 7.1 iCloud settings panel icons. /r/iOSthemes/ community for help and suggestions.

Everyone who helped with UltraFlat!

Recent changes

  • 17 new icons (AllCast, BaconReader, BBC iPlayer Radio, BBC Sport, Do Button, Do Camera, Do Note, ESPN, Google Chromecast, Google News & Weather, Imgur, OpenVPN, Print Status, RecentFacebook, Stack Exchange, StumbleUpon, VLC for iOS). 12 tweaked icons (BBC iPlayer, Bing, Camera, Flickr, Game Center, IF by IFTTT, IGN, Instagram, Snapchat, Terminal, Tumblr, WinterBoard). 4 fixed icons (BatteryLife, BBC News, Tinder, Virgin Mobile My Account).30 new @3x icons (AllCast, BaconReader, BBC iPlayer, BBC iPlayer Radio, BBC Sport, Camera, Do Button, Do Camera, Do Note, ESPN, Flickr, Flipboard, Game Center, Google Chromecast, Google News & Weather, IGN, Imgur, Instagram, Messages, OpenVPN, Print Status, RecentFacebook, Snapchat, Stack Exchange, StumbleUpon, Terminal, Tumblr, Vimeo, VLC for iOS, WinterBoard).
  • New status bar signal indicator. 6 new icons (amrc, DeviantArt, OneDrive, oneSafe, TuneIn Radio Pro, Virgin Mobile My Account, Yik Yak). 2 tweaked icons (Evernote, TuneIn Radio). 31 new @3x icons (Alien Blue, amrc, App Store, Calculator, Clock, Compass, Contacts, Cydia, DeviantArt, Evernote, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Paper, iTunes U, Music, Numbers, OneDrive, oneSafe, Pages, Phone, Rdio, Settings, Sunrise, TuneIn Radio, TuneIn Radio Pro, Twitter, Videos, Virgin Mobile My Account, Weather, Yik Yak, YouTube).
  • 11 new icons (Camera+, Commonwealth Bank, DataMan Next, Flixster, Google+, IFTTT, Kiwi (keyboard), My Verizon, Pebble Smartwatch, Starbucks, SwiftKey). 5 tweaked icons (Fitbit, Google, Minecraft - Pocket Edition, Spotify, TouchArcade). 2 fixed icons (BBC News, LinkedIn). Alpha: iPhone @3x (6 Plus) support added. Please note that support for iPhone @3x is very limited and is only being enabled for testing. As a result, the theme cannot yet be purchased directly on an iPhone 6 Plus; Consilium can only be downloaded on iPhone 6 Plus if you have already purchased the theme on another compatible device.
  • 21 new icons (Battery Life, Countdowns with Widget, Ecoute, Evernote Scannable, GBA4iOS, Geekbench 3, Google Authenticator, Hike, Infuse 3, Kickstarter, Mercury Web Browser, Opera Mini, Photo Vault, Saavn, Scanner Pro, TransitTimes+, Tydlig, Vert, Vert Lite, Weblock, WordPress). 2 tweaked icons (Beats Music, Dark Sky). 1 fixed icon (Hill Climb Racing).
  • 16 new icons (Clash of Clans, DCU Mobile Banking, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Kodi (XBMC), LinkedIn, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Minecraft – Pocket Edition, My O2, QQ, Shazam, Shazam Encore, Yahoo Mail) 2 tweaked icons (Compass, Voice Memos). Added Battery Usage icons. Tweaked certain Settings icons.
  • 14 new icons (Clear, Dark Sky, Destiny Companion, Facebook Groups, Fantastical 2, Fitbit, FOX 25 News, IM+ Instant Messenger, Jump Desktop, ModMyi, Moovit, Netflix, QuizUp, Urbanspoon). 3 fixed icons (Filza File Manager, iCleaner Pro, Yahoo Weather).
  • 6 new icons (Bloons TD 5, Filza File Manager, Hill Climb Racing, Sky Force 2014, Springtomize 3, Yahoo Weather). 3 fixed icons (Google, Snapchat, Spotify).
  • 18 new icons (Aftership, Bing, Chase, Facebook Pages Manager, Fancy, Google Play Books, Google Play Newsstand, iCleaner, Inbox by Gmail, Kik, PayPal, SoundCloud, Steam, TuneIn Radio, Tweetbot, Vevo, Viber, Workday).
  • 2 tweaked icons (Clock, Videos).
  • Introducing Consilium 2.0: More vibrant than ever.
  • Every icon has been re-rendered, and some redesigned, using an updated visual style. Icons are much more vibrant, while sustaining their simplicity and purity, and the new translucency effects let colours seep through further into the glyphs.
  • An extensive list of supported app icons is now included with the theme. View the list by opening the Settings app, scrolling down to Consilium and opening the menu.
  • Three brand new wallpapers, designed specifically for Consilium, have been added in the Wallpaper section of the Settings app.
  • Every icon system-wide is now themed, including Siri, Settings, Spotlight and even the Game Center popup.
  • Support for iPad retina devices has been added, on top of existing support for iPhone models up to iPhone 6 (not iPhone 6 Plus).
  • Support for iOS 8 has been added, while maintaining iOS 7 compatibility.
  • Enjoy the update today for free.
  • Note: This is a beta release. Some icons may be unfinished or inconsistent, and more new icons are planned for the final release.
  • Three new wallpapers, designed to work beautifully with Consilium, are included in this release! Open the Settings app and browse the built-in Apple wallpapers to find them.
  • New icons were added per request. If you've got a request, head over to the Settings app and scroll down to the Consilium menu to access contact options.
  • Some icons have received minor improvements; most notably, icons with black backgrounds have been lightened.
  • New icons!
  • If you requested an icon and it hasn't been fulfilled in this update, please make a request again through the Consilium Settings menu. I'm sorry if I missed anyone out; this time I'm making a proper list to keep track of what I've done.
  • Also, if anyone notices that an app isn't themed in Notification Centre, please use one of the contact options to tell me so I can fix it as quickly as possible in an update. Thanks everyone!
  • Brand new Consilium menu in the Settings app, making it even easier to contact me with icon requests! Several new icons added, many of which were requests. This update was long overdue, but hopefully updates will be coming at least once a fortnight now. Thank you for your support!
  • Fixed: Facebook Messenger icon; iFile icon not rounded in some parts of the iFile app. Fact: I've been ill over the last 4/5 days, so development on Consilium stopped. I'm back in business now, so 1.2 should be ready soon!
  • Fixed: SoundCloud.
  • Fact: Every detail of Consilium has been considered. For example, the subtle gradient on each icon is itself based on the iOS 7 colour scheme.
  • Fixed: Maps (iOS 7.1) and Dropbox. Fact: 'Consilium' is Latin for design. Good, understandable design is at the heart of every great product and service.
  • New: Several more apps added. Updated: Better Cydia icon. Fixed: Unthemed Skype icon. Fact: Over 95% of Consilium users pirated the theme. Support development and purchase a copy!
  • Initial release.


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