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When the Flatness meet The Skeuomorphism!


Coner theme is an interesting mix of Flat and Skuemorphism, it will complete The awesomeness !


It is NOT only an "icon theme" ! it'll change alot of things in your iPad Start from Control Center to statusbar !




Coner compatible with :

iPad 3/4 and mini with Retina display

(Only IOS 7)



Coner theme includes new glyphs from :

1- Statusbar icons

2- Safari UI.

3- Control conter UI.

4- Photos UI.

5- Notes UI.

6- Auto-app mask for App store apps.

7- 50+ re-designed icons and much more is coming.

8- Support for ClassicDock with new beautiful dock see it on screenshots sections.

9- Support for JellyLock7 with new beautiful icons.

10- More UI.


You will have eight new packages inside Winterboard :

1- Coner HD  = This is for icons. 

2- Coner HD (UI) = This is for Statusbar & User Interface.

3- Coner HD (CC) = This is for Control Center.

4- Coner HD (Statusbar) = This is for statusbar icons.

5- Coner HD (ClassicDock) = This works if you have “ClassicDock” tweak, it will change the dock style

6- Coner HD (JellyLock7) = This works if you have "JellyLock7" tweak, it will change the lockscreen UI.

7- Coner HD Mask (Oblong) = This is for Oblong icons mask.

8- Coner HD Mask  (Squished) = This is for Squished icons mask.


I made them as options and separately so you can use them with any theme.


Coner tested with many icons’  tweaks as :






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