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“Collision” is a collision between various UI elements such as skeuomorphism, gradients, shadows, and depth yet at the same time still compliments that iOS 7 design, so any icon that isn’t themed looks just as good as what is! Theme includes: 100+ icons (more to come), Unique Messages UI, Control Center theme, minor Status Bar tweaks, in-app theming, and more! Updates will be pushed constantly to expand and improve the overall design! If you have any questions/icon requests in regards to Collision, feel free to tweet at me on twitter: @al3xsanch3z07 or send me an email:

Recent changes


  • Fixes non-themed icons that have changed due to updates.
  • Thanks to @Bo0tn1c and @iKilledAppl3 for helping me fix the issue.


  • Includes new and unique iconOmatic add-on, JellyLock theme, minor icon adjustments, and a few more icons. I hope you enjoy!


  • Added a few more icons: SoundCloud, Google Hangouts, Pocket, Flux and AppInfo (Cydia Apps), etc...


  • Initial release.


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