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Requires iOS 7

Making a beautiful, colorful Calendar has never been easier. With Colendar’s flexible and enticingly advanced settings, you can take control of your Calendar icon like never before. Whether it’s to make the icon feel more at home, drastically change it’s appearance, or simply remove unnecessary labels, Colendar is an advanced theming utility for all iOS users. And with many updates to come, it's more than worth your two bucks.

Colendar currently supports both the default Calendar app and rpetrich’s Gregorian app. Colendar plays nice with all iOS 7 devices (including arm64), but has yet to be tested on earlier versions of iOS (please let us know if you'd be willing to test for us)!

Configure options from Settings.

Recent changes

  • Fixed a minor "Reset to Defaults" redraw and compatibility problem (added a small note to the footer)
  • All changed applied instantly: no more respringing, or even "apply changes" button!
  • Font adjustments: change the font of the weekday or date to any of the options available on iOS
  • Coordinate and Font shifts: now you can change the x/y positioning of the elements in both directions, as well as increase and decrease the font size (Advanced Adjustments)
  • Revamped preferences with more detail and even better readability (with new Reset To Defaults button!)
  • Full support for iOS 6 and earlier
  • Full support for all devices, including non-retina and iPads!

Oh, and also, it's only a $0.99 now. Stop complaining! :p


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