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CloudyHaz3-HD is compatible for all iPhones and all iPad models!!!

CloudyHaz3-HD Theme is an amazing theme fully in the cloudy UI style like iOS 7 but with more Class and with a twist of iHaz3 Designs over 230+ Custom icons!

Much parts are themed, but you know this from iHaz3, as he themes he themes big and not much will be over seen and be forgotten.

Unlike you would normally expect from iHaz3 themes, this is a light colourful theme and iHaz3 Really has out done himself. It gives a whole new feeling to your iDevice.

As we are used from iHaz3 themes, it comes complete with 8 Widgets, JellyLock, GroovyLock, iWidgets, Icon Shadows IconOmatic, Zeppelin Logo?s, color options and much more! Even a Iconoclasm layout has been added (5x3).

CloudyHaz3-HD has over 230+ Custom icons and you get the PSD to make your own icons as you have missing icons. Of course you can request icons on twitter : @iHaz3


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