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Introducing "City Lockscreens", beautifully designed 5 lockscreens for your iOS device such as all iPhones capable of running iOS 6 and 7.1.1 and all iPod Touches.

I've been developing this lockscreens for the past month and tested them on both 7.0.x and 7.1.x iOS versions and they work perfectly fine with no bugs seen for a month.

All of these lockscreens require GroovyLock and customLS(optional) to hide certain parts of your lockscreen.

To change the weather, navigate to /User/ Library/ GroovyLock/ and choose the lockscreen you want to change the weather and open that folder. Now open LockBackground.html and tap edit(use iFile), and tap the search button and search for "location", or "zipcode". After you search you should see something like this "USNYxxxx" or whatever. Now simply go to the weather channel website and type in your city name, to get the code just go to the end of the address bar on safari or chrome and it should be located there. Copy and paste it(replace it) and you're done.

If you want to change the background do all that but instead of opening LockBackground.html, replace LockBackground.png with your custom wallpaper but make sure that the name stays the same.

Please don't pirate this theme, if you can't afford it just follow me @donigrande and tweet me your Cydia id and i'll give you one for free... that doesn't mean I'll give a free copy to everyone but if you're lucky. You will get one ;)

Thanks for purchasing!

Recent changes


  • Fixed a bug!


  • Fixed where the lockscreens weren't showing up on GroovyLock.


  • Initial release.


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