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Circly is a new theming experience for iOS 7.x with over 200+ icons and more to come...

It is build with high quality vectors giving you perfection and detail for a unique and clean look. Circly is available for iPod Touch (4th and 5th Generation), iPhone 4/4s/5/5c/5s, iPad 3/4/Air/mini retina. Also this is a unified package. If you bought Circly on iPhone you can also download it for iPad. No need for purchasing another package for the iPad and vice versa.

Just request icons by contacting me via Twitter or Email. Use AppInfo to get the needed information (Bundle Identifier and icon names) and send me a screenshot of the apps you want to be themed for Circly.

Recent changes

  • Fixed folder mask for Anemone.
  • Added Anemone support. Added missing iOS 9. Preferences icons. Fixed missing icons on iOS 8.x.
  • iOS 9 compatibility and bugfixes.
  • Extended support for @3x files (please report any errors.) Fixed missing or updated icons. (Also added alt icons.)
  • Hotfix release: fixed and added icons.
  • Bugfixes and more icons
  • Bugfixes and more icons.
  • Various bug fixes including missing icons and ClassicDock. Added an alternative clock. (You need 'Custom Clock Icon' by Bensge)
  • More fixes taking advantage of the new Winterboard update.
  • Minor changes and bug fix. Added Shiro -gold edition- cameo camera icon.
  • Fixed iPhone 6 Plus icons not displaying due to wrong mask, also fixed and changed some more icons.Please report any issues of missing icons on iPhone 6 Plus as I don't have a device to test.
  • iPhone 6 & 6Plus resolution support, other logos added.
  • Fixed NC mask, added more icons, new Threema icon (you can find the old one inside 'Alt Icons', bug fixes.
  • Hotfix release. Fixes Facebook Messenger and Reeder icons.
  • Icon and bug fixes. Added 40+ new icons and two classic docks.
  • More fixes and some new icons. Please request for more icons instead of complaining!
  • Circly makes its iPad debut.
  • Fixed several icons and added/updated some as well. (New icons for Newsstand, Game Center, Voice Memos, Maps etc.)
  • Settings Icons were added (Thanks to @Jato_BZ for recompiling them).
  • Fixed BiteSMS icon. New Voice Memos icon (the old one looked horrible). Added more icons including Flappy Bird, Tweetbot etc. Even more to come. You can find alternative icons in the 'Extras' folder inside the main theme. Also included are icon mods for Tweetbot (Iron Man Mk III and Model 42, also Pikachu and an evil Tweetbot)
  • Added more icons (ever more coming soon). Fixed the Calendar Icon. Added a folder Background (needs to be enabled separately)
  • *** WARNING ***
  • The folder background does only appear when you're inside a folder, so please don't be confused if the animation looks weird. Since Apple changed the folder icons into code, we theme creators can't do much :/
  • Initial release.


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