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Compatible with iOS9 and iOS10

Charge offers a completely customisable LockScreen charging view that's unapologetically clean and minimalistic.

Features Include

- Sleek highly customisable visuals
- Configurable directly from Preview in Settings

- Over 50 customisable options, including...
- Time, including format, color, position and size
- Date, including format, color, position and size
- Battery indicator, including type, color, position and size
- Battery status, including color, position and size
- Charging Pulse, including color and size
- Custom text, including color, position and size
- Custom image can be set as Background or resized anywhere
- Dynamic colors for normal, low and critical battery
- Option to remove some or all texts and visuals
- Customise the intensity of background blur
- Ability to tint background blur or set as solid color
- Modify Lock Screen timeout
- ... and many more

- Double tap to dismiss Charge (Customisable)

Configure options and preview layout from Settings

Recent changes

Added Blur Intensity option
Disable if LockScreen Apps are active (iOS10 Only)
Fixed Preferences alignment on iPad
Fixed Status Bar disappearing issue
Modified Custom Wallpaper implementation
Updated Preferences
Removed redundant code

Fixed orientation ‘fix’
Fixed notifications not showing
Fixed unable to move Custom Text
Disable Charge if audio playing


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