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Supports iOS 7 to iOS 8.1

Centrum is a new design for your Notification Center. It is a tweak that changes your current notification center to one similar to the notification center on Mac OS X. You can swipe from either side of the screen to toggle the notification center.

Current features:
- Enable/Disable (respring required)
- Lefty mode (NO respring required)

Designed by Evan Luther
Developed by George Dan

By The PAL Labs

Configure options from Settings.

Recent changes

Bug fix update:
- Fixed small tab appearing on top of NC
- iPad: fixed No Notifications from being small when tweak is disabled
- iPad: fixed tap region in Lefty Mode being small
- iPad: fixed NC dismissing in portrait position

- NEW: iPhone Support!!!
- FIX: Fixed NC being in the middle of the screen
- KNOWN BUG: Small tab at the top of the NC

Coming up:
- App blacklist/whitelist
- Defined region swiping
- Support for CenterStage by Greeny


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