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Compatible with any iDevice running iOS 7
Available: CameraTweak (iOS 5 & 6)

Add the needed enhancements to Apple's iOS camera app.

The iPhone and iPad are great devices to capture your favorite moments, and although there are literally 1000’s of 3rd party camera applications out there, the fastest one is still your stock Camera app.
This tweak is created to add the basic missing features to it and make the stock Camera app a serious contender.

Have a look at the following enhancements:

for the photo camera:
1) Separate Focus and Exposure views
2) Lapse Timer mode, let the camera automatically take photos on an interval (minimum: every 3 seconds, maximum: every 1 hours)
3) Timer mode
4) Resolution settings, min 144p, max 2448p (measured on the iPhone 5s)
5) White balance lock

for the video camera:
1) Separate Focus and Exposure views
2) Frame rate settings (120fps on iPhone 5s, 60fps on iPhone 5)
3) Resolution settings, minimum 144p, maximum 1080p (measured on the iPhone 5s)
4) Take snapshots while filming
5) White balance lock

Because of the fact that Apple doesn’t allow manual resolution changes, the zoom slider may show even when zoom is not allowed on different resolutions. Currently there is no way to check in which resolution zooming is allowed.

Bug fixes for iOS 7.0.4 on iPhone 5s:
iPhone 5s only: When opening the camera from the lockscreen, and holding the home button censor, it will close the Camera app and open onto the springboard. Now on locking the device and opening the camera again from the lockscreen will only show you your wallpaper and not open the Camera app. CameraTweak 2 fixes this bug.

Recent changes

Added Time stamp option
Added option for HDR Always On option
Added low memory indicator
Various bug fixes


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