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Call Enhancer

How often did you tap on a phone number by accident and called it even you didn't want to? And how often did you wish you'd have an easy, fast way to call someone without showing your number ("calling anonymously")?

Call Enhancer was made to fix these two problems, while still keeping the native look of iOS:

Recent changes

- Refactored a lot of code - switched over to our own library "Accura Tweaks Common", which provides a lot of code that is shared between multiple Accura Tweak Products, for example most of the cells we use in our preferences.

- Fixed a critical bug that lead to a crash in the preferences app, sorry about that. It did not occur when our other tweak, QRMode was installed, that why I didn't catch it before...

- Fixed compatibility with the newest CallBar7 Update
- Fixed some typos in the preferences
- Fixed the FAQ in the preferences not showing all the text in some situations.

- Redesigned Preferences to be more user friendly
- Preferences are now applied automatically without the need for an apply button

- Added new support system

- The authors of Call Enhancer still remain the same - we just got ourselves a fancy name, a website and twitter. If you'd like to stay informed about new upcoming tweaks and future updates, you can follow us at @AccuraTweaks :)


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