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An old school style... and the neon return!


This is a Violet iWidget add-on for my c0ncept Violet theme


It will add 5 beautiful iWidgets to use with c0ncept :


-      c0ncept Violet neon : a beautiful animated neon designed by my friend, ChrisGraphiX

-      c0ncept Violet Clock : a simple Clock with a c0ncept style

-      c0ncept Violet Exit : an Exit light with hour, date and weather

-      c0ncept Violet Minimalist : simple, just a hour and date line iWidget

-      c0ncept Violet Weather : a beautiful and complete iWidget, with static weather pictures


Be prepared for a new experience!


c0ncept will give a new colorized look to your favorite iDevice… with a new stat bar style, CK, iWidgets, iconOmatics, classicdocks, Loading pages, zeppelins, groovylock, FolderIcons, wallpapers, settings icon, UIImages, and more than 150 icons…


c0ncept is maybe THE theme you were waiting for?!


You need the iWidgets tweak, and the main theme c0ncept package to use this add-on.



And do no use piracy…it kills our themes :(


Stay tuned and follow me @dark2naruto78 for #c0ncept news... be prepared... Now it’s c0ncept Time!


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