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Compatible with iOS 8

Export photos from a burst sequence to a GIF file. You are presented with export options such as FPS or a custom album to save the file and also the default export settings for a burst sequence (save individual photos from the sequence).

1. Take a burst sequence as usual, or access a burst sequence from the Photos app.
2. Press "Select..." to choose your Favorites. Selecting a photo in this step will include it in the GIF animation.
3. Press "Done" and you will have the configurations options for the GIF file.
4. Enjoy! :D

After you click Done you will be presented to choose which photos you want to include in the GIF animation and then you will have the export options as usual.

Actual image size is cropped to 300x300 for memory saving purposes.

Recent changes

- added compatibility for iOS8.2 through 8.4


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