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4.25/5 (4 votes).

It has been said that Bump has a style of its own. But it has also been said that it has Retro vibe or even a Comic book style. You decide.

Whats in the package? 8- iconOmatic 5- Zeppelin Themes 2- Docks 1- iPad iconOmatic 4- Different Status UI's UI- Sounds.

Special Thanks to Mr.Th3m3s, Johncon68, Dexterilgatto

Recent changes

  • Changed some default Icons. Added UI plist for Anemone.
  • Removed the need for IconBundles. Added new Icons. Some Icons name fixes. Main info.plist is set for Anemone.
  • Updated Theme for iOS 9.0.2. Icon Bundles Tweak required for iOS9.0.2. WinterBoard or Anemone. Fixed settings Icons for iOS 9.0.2. Anemone Effects fixed. Compatible from 8.4 to 9.0.2
  • AnemoneEffects added. YouTube Icon update fix. Facebook Messenger alt added. Whats App Icon update fix w/ALT. ookla Speed Icon update fix.
  • Added user icon request. Fixed icon name changes for Drop Box. Added new default icons. More icon's coming in next update. Man alts still available.
  • Initial release.


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