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Compatible with iOS 8

Browsix is an essential tweak for your device that provides a whole new web browsing experience by having a floating full-feature browser that can be reached instantly and system-widely (At home screen, lock screen, and inside your apps).
Now you can browse the web and interact with your apps simultaneously!

You can move it around your screen smoothly, expand it to full screen with some stunning animations and many other features.

Browsix consists of three main features:

- Instant Floating Browser

You can open a floating browser system-widely that can be moved freely around the screen just by performing your favorite activator gesture setup from Browsix’s preferences.

- Links Opener

You can open in-app links (such as links from WhatsApp, Notes, Messages, etc..) just by clicking the link. And it will open Browsix without leaving the current app. So you still can interact completely with your app and browse at the same time.

- Open From/To Safari

You can open Browsix directly from Safari by holding the bookmarks button located at the bottom of Safari and Browsix will open and start loading current Safari’s link. You can open Browsix’s link in Safari as well.

And a lot more other side features, such as google search, sharing and things to discover by yourself!

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This tweak was developed by iNasser (@v000000000) and designed by BuOmar (@HDR74)

Recent changes

Fixed the problem when playing videos inside Browsix. The video used to be played behind the app that you're currently on, and now it's completely fixed.

If you experience any crashes, please email me with the crash log so I can fix it.

- Fixed the issue with some few users who didn't manage to activate Browsix.
- Fixed respring and safe mode problems.
If you still have problems, please report them to me using email so I can fix them.

Improvements and minor bug fixes.


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