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Clocks Clocks and more Clocks!! 


Well, three to be exact, lol, Widgets or SBHTML to choose.  (you'll need to get in there and copy the file to your SBHTML folder first tho) Take your pick! Also, what is so totally awesome about these clocks, is you can choose the size you want! They come in 4 different sizes, (the last being quite uber in size, for the Ipad) And for the record, making clock faces is a lot of fun! :) I quite enjoyed making these, and look forward to making more faces.


I would like to take this time to give a sincere thank you to the ones who made this even possible (you didn't think "I" coded this thing did you? HA, you jest) 


Thank you to King Brian and Marty McFly! You guys rock!


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