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A theme for your Ipads and Iphones (Iphone 6+ too!)


Brass Tacks


get down to brass tacks
(idiomatic) Deal with the important details.


Now that we've got that straight, I'd like to present to you my version of details. This theme was made for you, the masses, and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. 


Around 200 icons (give or take a couple, I lost count) I tried to hit the most common ones, and then got hit with requests from my beta team (yes Grant, I got your WF icon fixed) There should be plenty in there to get us started with this 1.0 version of Brass Tacks.


And speaking of Beta team, I want to thank them, Mark, King Brian, Grant and Symon, you guys did a smashing job at keeping me busy. cheers!  I also want to thank Cosmin, my mentor.


Anyway...*cough* enough with that.


You won't be disappointed with this theme. It looks good on screen, and especially with a dark background (tho white backgrounds look good too) 


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