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Compatible with iOS 8
not compatible with iPad
Also available, Bliss 3 for iOS 7

This widget shows the prayer times, other useful times, gregorian and hijri dates, location information such as moon and sun rise/set, magnetic variation and qibla angles, compass and alarms. In this release, Widget also shows all religious days.

The capabilities of the widget are as follows,
-Prayer times
-adding DST time automatically
-Other prayer times
-playing different melodies for each alarm
-compass for qibla direction
-gregorian and hijri dates
-calculation according to the nearest place for 60+ latitude
-GMT and DST indicator
-Sun rise/set
-Moon rise/set
-magnetic variation angle
-qibla angle
-Moon altitude when the Sun sets

and It has about 20000 places (Asia, Europe, USA, Canada, Russia and Avustralia)

New : Religious Days

Important : Prayer times are calculated and prepared in accordance with 'Ilmiyye salnamesi' calendar, which was published in 1334 (1916 A.D.) under the supervision of 'Mesihat-i islâmiye', the highest ranking board of Ottoman scientists and Islamic scholars, and by using the system written in the book 'Türkiyeye Mahsûs Awqât-i-sher-'iyya', which was published in 1958 by Kandilli Observatory of Istanbul University.

for more information visit website

Notification Center addons can be enabled from the Settings app, in the Notifications panel.

Recent changes

- Fixed Stock Settings problem on some devices


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