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Blackie DDP is a new version of the original theme Blackie and it comes in the colors of one of my favorite superheroes.

This theme brings a new experience to your iDevice and has the following features: over 350 icons, 2 respring logos, customized user interface (status bar, control center and more), 3 icon shapes (normal, circled and squircled), the original PSD file if you want to make custom icons :).

It is compatible which every iDevice which runs iOS 7, 8 or iOS 9.

I hope you all enjoy this theme and I promise that there will be new features available for it.

Also, you can check my other themes: Blackie, MI97, MI97 Black Edition.

Also, I want to thank to @junesiphone for his screenshot app. It made a really good job in helping me with the screenshots :)


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