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Black Ice 9 is your complete stylistic home screen replacement. Twitter: @SPQRGuyMontag.

Swipe middle sections to switch between weather, calendar, missed calls, texts, mail, twitter, facebook, and next alarm.

Tap middle section to launch corresponding app.

Swipe up on music player to launch favorite music app.

Swipe left or right on music app to skip track, touch to pause/play.

Use the built-in app launcher or choose your favorite from Cydia.

Integrated Google Pixel Launcher with search bar and voice! (use Siri or Google search app).

**CREDITS** JunesiPhone for inspiration, help, and code Matchstic - for InfoStats 2 and code examples.

FAQ: How do I use this widget? - install the free tweak iWidgets and long press on your home screen - alternatively, use Xen HTML to use this tweak.

How do I get rid of icons, dock, etc? - install OPWClear from Cydia - alternatively, use Springtomize 3.

Why do I have notifications but they don't show up in the middle screen? - for notification details to show up they must also show up in your notification center.

Recent changes

  • Fixed missing files error.
  • Initial release.


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