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Easily Theme biteSMS any way YOU want!

Due to the support from the jailbreak community biteThemers new price is 1.99!!!

Includes 5 professionally made themes (which some are featured inside biteSMS) and the ability to edit

- Champagne
- Gunmetal
- Aluminum
- PinkBlast
- WhiteGold

Why wait and pay for a theme, when you can easily create your own?

Tweak biteSMS just the way YOU like it!

Millions of color combinations at your fingertips

Ability to theme each section of biteSMS:

· Main app
· QuickCompose
· QuickReply

We are hard at work with many updates planned, so please support by purchasing! Thanks

biteThemer is for biteSMS v8.2 and higher with iOS 7
Requires biteSMS

Recent changes

- Included 5 professionally made themes : Aluminum, Champagne, Gunmetal, PinkBlast and WhiteGold.
- The ability to edit professional themes to your liking is included if you longpress the theme on the list.
- Transparency is easier to see
- Multiple speed improvements and bug fixes


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