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HEARTLESS PIRATES CAN GET THIS THEME AT FOR FREE, but know that you are hurting a 16 year old designer by doing so. Moral people, just purchase the package here. Icon list.

So glyphs themes are great for showing off wallpapers or minimalist setups. Unfortunately, none of them ever seem to theme all of your icons and you end up with 5-10 that are themed with another theme and they stick out in your setup and just look ugly. I made this glyphs theme because I had this problem (especially with games), so I made this theme. I listed Anemone as a dependency because I intend to add a mask in the future, and because everyone uses Anemone now anyways.

I am very fast with icon requests. I have a request form at here where I take requests. When you request an icon, I get an email. Ill check my email and make the icon.

I also wanted to have extremely fast updates. To do this without spamming the repo owners with updates, I have a package called BetterGlyphs Preview on my repo, where I post requested icons as soon as I finish them. When I feel I have enough icons in the Preview version, Ill submit an update here.

Recent changes

  • This update actually adds the promised transparent folders thing, sorry about that :/
  • This update adds 114 new icons, 69 of which were created by u/colburp, thanks to him for making those. He also made a new transparent folder feature which means you no longer need a seperate tweak to do that. Sorry this took so long to complete, Ive been really busy recently. I will be releasing the highly requested dark version of this theme soon. Thanks for your support!
  • Added 125 new icons, working of requests as fast as I can.
  • Initial release.


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