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betterFiveIconDock is a Five Icon Dock tweak built for iOS 8. I had yet to see a FID tweak that applies proper spacing to the Dock that works with iOS 8, so I built one! This is my first public tweak (I've built tweaks for myself in the past) so please USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Tested on an iPhone 6, iOS 8.1. This is NOT for iPad!

Recent changes


  • Fixes basically everything. You'll be happy.
  • Fixes layout issues on 32-bit devices
  • Icons still shift if you have less than 4 icons in your dock and this tweak is installed :-( I don't expect this to be a problem.)


  • Fun with icon shifting!
  • This time I'm not going to claim that the icon shift is fixed. I'm just going to hope that it is.


  • AGAIN, because the 6 is a jerk. No more icon shifting/jumping after rotate (for real this time)!
  • Fixes dependency so that HideMe8


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