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How long don't you take care of you battery?

A good way to know you battery info and charge scientific can make your battery use for longer time!
Now it's time to do this!

BatteryManagerPro is a simple app that can make your battery healthy,it use the scientific method to protect your battery charge and it will show details information about you battery such as Capacity,Cycles even temperature,you can know how many powers your battery has loosen ,then take care it now!
it will auto select charge mode:
1、Fast Charge——when power is low ,it will charge fast to get more power as possible.
2、Trickle Charge——Trickle charging means charging a fully charged battery under no-load at a rate equal to its self-discharge rate, thus enabling the battery to remain at its fully charged level.

The app will show the charge state in your lock screen ,it has smart animation and cool tips,you can easy to see it, you also can get more details in the app~

Don't wait , get it now~


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