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Displays useful information about your device's battery health [b1] Completely replaced the main app with the official App Store version. Please report ANY bugs and missing languages to Thank you very much! [b2] Several fixes. [b3] Possible fix for iOS 8 crash. General bug fixes. [b4] iOS 8 bug fixes. [b5] Updated app a lot. [b6] See b5. [b7] See b6. [b8] App is now compatible with iOS 11. [b9] Bugfixes. [b10] Fix for missing app icon. [b11] Possible fix for the status bar options. [b12] Fix for b11. [b13] Bugfixes. [b14] Bugfixes. [b15] Bugfixes. [b16] Fixed settings not opening. Fixed ads not disappearing. General bugfixes.


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