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Change sounds and vibration patterns for Notifications based on filters matching an Application and/or Notification Title and/or Notification Subtitle and/or Notification Message

Selectively apply Do Not Disturb mode to Notifications based on filters.

Selectively ignore Do Not Disturb mode based on filters.


  • Banner Sounds only changes sounds for iOS Notification Banners/Alerts and iOS LockScreen Notifications. This means that it probably won't change new message sounds when a specific app is open.
  • And since the iOS Mail app uses its own internal playback functions, Banner Sounds will sometimes simultaneously play its own sound on top of the default sound played by the Mail app.
  • If a notification is played for the iOS Mail app, locking the device sometimes (usually) will not cancel the Banner Sounds audio playback and there will be not other way to cancel it either.
  • Vibration patterns don't work when the device is unlocked and the notification is from the iOS Mail app.
  • There is no preview when selecting a vibration pattern.
  • To add new, custom vibration patterns go to "Settings -> Sounds - Ringtone - Vibration -> Create New Vibration".


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