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b7acknb7u3 is a very nice theme in black blue with over 200 icons. Settings are themed. In this way I thank you for the great help with the creation of the themes at @ Jesse0166.

Recent changes

  • Night Mode for Anemone Settings.CC adjustments for ios9 and ios 10. In order to get the CC fully activated, it may be necessary to do the following via Filza: Step 1: Activate the Cc in Anemone. 2: then go to filza to access User / Library / Caches / MappedImageCache / Persistent. Go to Persistent folder and delete all files in the folder. Then open MTerminal and enter the command "recache". Finished.
  • New AE, Docks, Nightmode Settings and more Icons... thanks to @jesse666 and @_am80ma_
  • Initial release.


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