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A realistic theme

for iPad/ 6plus/6 5/s & 4/s (Version iOS7)

by S1lex


More 200 Bundles and more in the futur update.

Cydia app themer.

Ui statutbar/loader/zeppelin.

Add wall, badges and more coming soon.

Waiting for access to this beautiful WinterBoard theme.


First of all I want to thank a person who is dearest to me to the world and who is my inspiration for Ayka.


This theme is outcome in my work, I hope that it will please you.

I work on icons at present.


Every icon is unique and asks me to be creative so that Ayka is the most attractive possible.


Here you can see some icons and images of my new theme.


Ayka is a new experience for the users, every icon is unique to every application. I would update as soon as possible this post then to hesitate not to leave your comments.


For a follow-up, you can subscribe to my account Twitter.




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