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A realistic theme

for iPad/ 6plus/6 5/s & 4/s (iOS8 only)

by S1lex



First of all I want to thank a person who is dearest to me to the world and who is my inspiration for Ayka.

Compatible iOS7/iOS8/iOS9 iPhones and iPad. Contains +137 icons, ui, icon setings, 2 anemone effects, docks, alt icons and more... Regular updates will be made.

Ayka is a new experience for the users, every icon is unique to every application. The addons coming soon for optimal use.

FULL DISPLAY: use only this version with Anemone Tweak available on bigboss repository. If you haved installed the version reg of Ayka, delete this version before install the version for Anemone.

Thank you for your support.


Thanks to @smitbeat64 for his the participation on this theme.

Visited DreamDesign for more information.


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