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Ayires, pronounced "Aye Res", like the way the douchebag we all know would say to someone called "Res", is about showing the excellence someone can make without a fancy editor.

When you use a theme, you want it to look amazing, but Ayires isn't beyond that! The color pirette chosen isn't just a coincidence, I just copied the original colors the apps used. lol.

The icons that shipped with iOS 7 are pretty darn ugly (even Surenix hates them), this theme is meant to show how the iOS 7 icons can somehow become better and worse at the same time! Design isn't always about drastic changes, but we decided drastic changes are pretty sexy too.

By not using Apple's grid system, not only does each icon hold itself on its own, but every icon expresses dystopia and reflects us today (especially with all the in-house jokes added). “Why do most icons have small comments on them?” – Because I can. It doesn't just stop at the stock icons. Each App Store icon was designed with jokes and immaturity in mind and you can experience it within Ayires.

What others have said about Ayeris:

"that vine icon actually looks good :P"
-- CoolStar

"It looks like Jony Ive had a stroke while making iOS 7's icons and released the result. 10/10"
-- reeiiko

"surprisingly this isn't bad for some reason"
-- @JKTech_

"dat alien blue hahaha"
-- @_Cinyk

"haha, I'll quit while I'm behind"
-- Surenix

Ayires comes preloaded with:
100+ re-designed icons
System-wide UI alteration
6 beautiful high-resolution wallpapers
Status bar icons
...and much, much more to come!

Known issue: Winterboard and MyWi aren't theming. If you can fix it, msg pls.


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