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Axla 3 is the next level theme redefines everything its predecessors weren't. The colour pallete was hand picked and remade, and many of the glyphs in the icons were scraped and redrawn from scratch. Axla 3 is the next generation theme that further connects the colourfulness and simplicity of what Axla stood for.

Axla 3 includes over 400 redesigned app icons, redesigned Settings icons, and certain subtle UI changes! Supports ALL iOS 9 Devices, whether they are Retina or Non-Retina Ready.

For iOS 7 and iOS 8 Users, please use Axla 2!

For any icon request, please contact me via Twitter @meteochu or email me at with your submissions.

Apply with Winterboard OR Anemone!

Recent changes

  • Updated theme to use IconBundles (for better future proofing). The theme size has now reduced by 1/2 due to the usage of IconBundles!
  • Fixed several icon filenames. Fixes stock apps filenames for the iPhone 6 Plus (@3x) and iPad (Non-Retina). Refreshed many of the Google apps icons, and fixed a few others. Added several new icons.
  • Initial release.


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