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Axla 2 is an overhaul of the original Axla just as iOS 7 is to iOS 6. The colour pallete was remade, the glyphs were redrawn, everything was done from square one. Axla 2 brings out the colours and simplicity which the original Axla was known for; and if you think about it, Axla 2 simplifies further what the original Axla stood for, without destroying the depth of the icons.

Axla 2 includes over 350 redesigned icons and subtle UI improvements, and supports all iOS 7 and iOS8 devices; including the iPad (non-Retina and Retina), the iPhone (from the 3.5" iPhone 4 to the 5.5” iPhone 6 Plus), and the iPod touch.

Please feel free to contact me via Twitter @meteochu or by email with any questions or icon request you may have c:

Apply with Winterboard.

Recent changes

  • Just a quick little update for the recently released jailbroken iOS releases. Ive added icons for the Watch app, and the new Music app. Ive also added support for Anemone (Calendar) so people using Anemone can fully enjoy Axla 2 now. Once again, Id like to thank everyone for the your support for this theme.
  • Hello again! Yes, Axla 2 isnt dead :) Sorry Ive been away for so long; Ive been busy with other projects and lets just say exciting things may be coming! This is a small and quick update that fixes ~20 apps; names and adds around 10 new ones to the list.
  • First update of 2015! Added 12 new apps (FutureShop, Ghit, OWA for iPhone/iPad, Trailers, YouNow, Hulu Plus, Chase, Google Chromecast, Lyft, Skype Qik, and Uber); and updated over 40 @3x icons and fixed a bunch of updated apps. Have a great year, everyone.
  • This update adds 5 new apps (Google Inbox, Things, Slack, Tydlig, UPS) to the already massive icon support list; also fixes a bunch of updated apps (too many to list :p). Most importantly, this update refines A LOT of app icons, mostly the system ones. Once again, thanks for all the support! :)
  • Just a quick little update that fixes the Calendar icon text (due to the latest Winterboard update). Also modified the way I'm theming Clock & Newsstand icons, and support @3x for even more apps! Just a reminder that if you're an iPhone 6 Plus user, please feel free to submit @3x icon requests if any of the icons are lacking an @3x icon. (Please follow instructions found on
  • Added 10 more app icons (Path, AirFloat, Facebook Groups, Fragments, Google Ingress, IRCCloud Enterprise, Overcast, Soundhoud, Soundhound ∞, Traktor DJ); and minor fixes to a bunch of other updated apps.
  • This update adds the Settings icons for iOS 8.x devices; Adds 12 new icons (Adobe Colors, Adobe Ideas, Desmos, Livelens, Notifyr, Passplex, Poptile, Replay, SwiftKey, Destiny Companion, Reddit AMA, Microsoft Smartglass); and fixes a bunch of updated apps.
  • Fixed up the system icons that weren't themed on certain iPads. Added Prompt 2 and OneFootball's icon; and refined plenty others c:
  • Axla 2.2, the biggest update yet, is now available and optimized in Grande and Venti sizes, along with iOS 8 compatibility! This update also fixes a lot of updated apps (since the last update) and adds a few new ones too! Best of all, this update is completely free (duh!). c:
  • Okay. I /finally/ fixed the Activator icon this time. It should now appear themed correctly, instead of that ugly squared thingy. Either way, Enjoy XD.
  • The long awaited Activator fix is finally here. *throws confetti* (yay?) Tweaked a bunch of other icons; added several new icons; and added the missing BiteSMS icons.
  • Added a few apps (Wunderlist, mySIGGRAPH, ESPN ScoreCentre); fixed up a few file paths; and refined a bunch of icons.
  • Also, if any app becomes "unthemed" after an app update, please contact me on Twitter (@meteochu) so I can fix it ASAP!
  • Fixed up a lot of broken icons from the last update. (Sorry).
  • Added 25+ new icons, and the TouchID icon in Settings for iPhone 5s.
  • Over 30 new icons are added in this update, which means, Axla² now supports over 300+ apps! This update, as usual, also fixes up updated apps with unthemed icons, and minor fixes and improvements to current icons. Once again, thank you for your constant support!
  • Added new icons and refined current ones.
  • Added a few more icons and fixed up some filenames.
  • This update is sort of like a maintenance update. Fixed up a bunch of icons, and /officially/ supports iOS 7.1.x This update also separates the Calendar file into 2 separate .theme files, one for the iPhone/iPod, and one for the iPad. I didn't realize that the Calendar had a tiny font on iPad (sorry!) So, this update also /officially/ supports iPads completely (including non-retina settings files). Thanks for all the support and keep the requests coming :)
  • A few additional icons, and some fixes for updated apps.
  • 15+ New Redesigned Icons. 5+ Refined Icons. Thanks to those who've been sending icon requests :)
  • Initial release.


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