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Requires iOS 8+

Rewritten from the ground up, AutoResponder is back!

AutoResponder 3 will make it so no one who texts or iMessages you ever feels ignored again! Have you ever gotten messages while in a meeting, in school, in a movie, or even while in deep sleep? AutoResponder will make sure that anyone who messages you knows that you are unable to respond and will get back to them as soon as possible.

AutoResponder 3 supports iMessages and SMS messages. It also has a whitelist that is user configurable so that those select few can get the special treatment of not getting an automated reply so that they can get a personalized response from you!

AutoResponder 3 will reply to any text or iMessage that you receive while it is enabled and send the user selected message to the person without hitting any send button! Make sure your friends and family never feel ignored again!

*Please note: This WILL use SMS messages from your carrier's plan if it is replying to a text message, if you do not have a plan or have a very limited plan, please use this app cautiously with SMS replies as texts can build up quite quickly. This does not send texts for free unless you have a free/unlimited texting plan.


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