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Works on all iOS version, including iOS 7 + 64bit

AutoOK7 has been rewritten from the ground up - complete with iOS 7 and 64bit support (as well as iOS 6 and below).

It is a tweak which makes using text based lockscreen passwords easier. It automatically unlocks your device the moment you get your password right, much like the number based password does. With AutoOK you no longer have to press "OK" when you finish typing in your password. This allows you have more complex passwords while still retaining the ease of use that number based passwords grant you.

NOTE: AutoOK remains as a (FREE) iOS 6 and below package. AutoOK7 is a paid version of this tweak with support for iOS 7 (as well as iOS 6 and below). Though the functionality is the same, the tweak has been entirely rewritten and is much more clean and efficient as a result. If you’re on iOS 6 (or below) and neither of these two changes mean anything to you/you don’t feel like paying $0.99, feel free to download the older version. If you do choose to purchase AutoOK7, thanks!

IMPORTANT: Please follow the instructions in the settings pane to enable the tweak


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