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FIRST 2 DAYS SALE  . FOR 2$ only

Note:This is a beta .

Please help by contributing to our team icon requests with bundles.

aura meaning : the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.

Since the inception of the iPhone, the stock OS has been relatively unchanged in regards to how it looks. But that hasn’t stopped designers, and devs alike from re-creating the look and feel of their own UI and icons. The only problem for the most part, is they actually make the experience more difficult to use. Many themes slap the name of the designer all over it or make the icons way to similar which degrades the experience. For this reason I think Apple has truly done a great job with iOS.

BUT iOS 7 sucks trust me it is shit .

We are a team that aim to revolutionize ios themeing by our one and only theme Aura

NOTE: it is a beta and it will be updated once in 10-15 days with new icons and ui

We are working on the UI but awaiting for all the names of the specific files.


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