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aupi is back to future.

aupi was released in 2014 and removed in end of 2016 and now after more than half a year is back and much better.

Welcome (back) to aupi world. aupi design is smooth icon with smooth shadow. aupi takes iOS design to new level. All icons and UI match to iOS and aupi wallpapers to bring a special sense to your iPhone.

aupi included: Over 250 icons, New UI for iOS, New Wallpapers, New Control Center, New Sounds, New themes for 3rd tweaks, And more...

Hello again aupi!

Support WinterBoard and Anemone.

If clock icon and UI not change, download MTerminal and run recache (without quotation mark).

Note: If you have a icon request or something not work please send me a mail.

Recent changes

  • Fixed Settings icons. Added option to disable Boot logo.
  • Fixed Bluetooth icon for @2x devices. Fixed VPN icon. New torch icon for CC.
  • Fixed Icons. Fixed Bluetooth settings icons.
  • Added Icons. Fixed Icons.
  • Initial release.


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