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Free upgrade if you purcashed aupi (For iOS 7 or iPad version search aupi/for iPad in Cydia).

Support iPhone 4s, 5 / C / s and iPhone 6. (Not support iPhone 6 Plus yet).

Welcome to the new language of design, aupi is smooth icon with smooth shadow, aupi takes iOS to new way on design.

All icons and UI match to iOS and wallpaper. Every icon look deep and smooth, aupi is clear and bright, aupi is special theme for iOS download it and you will find. No more iOS now only aupi.

aupi included: Over 170 icons, New UI for iOS, New Wallpapers with parallax effect, New Control Center, New Keyboard & Lock sounds, New ClassicDock theme,New Classic LockScreen theme, New IntelliscreenX theme, New Convergance theme, And much more.

Hello aupi!

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Recent changes

  • iOS 9. Support iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 Plus (For iPhone 6 Plus version search aupi for iPhone 6 Plus). Added News app icon. Added Settings icons for iOS 9. Added Icons. Refresh Clock icon. Fixed Icons. Fixed UI.
  • Fixed the bug with Rupi theme. Fixed not show all wallpapers. Fixed package size.
  • Major update for aupi: New icons Refresh icons Redesign icons Fixed icons Added more UI Refresh UI New Dock for ClassicDock (Now support iPhone 6 Plus) New sound for keyboard New Wallpaper Betted Control Center Changed all google icons now with new G And much more.
  • aupi birthday! Support iOS 8.4. Fixed Music icon. Fixed Icons.
  • Support iOS 8.3. New icons. Fixed icons.
  • New icons. Fixed icons.
  • Added more icons. Fixed many icons. Fixed UI glitch.
  • Added more icons. New loading animation. Better Maps app icon. Better Photos app icon. Fixed Wallpapers not appears. Fixed Social icons in Safari share. Fixed much icons name. Fixed Activator icon. Fixed VPN icon in settings. Fixed Location icon in settings. Fixed Bluetooth icon in Privacy settings. If some icons not working please email me.
  • Added more icons. Added HomeKit & Helath icons to Privacy. Added FaceBook & Twitter icons to safari share. New keyboard sound. New Maps icon. Added the new maps icon to settings icon. Passbook icon is minor upgrade. Fixed Wallpaper. Fixed Remote app icon.
  • Fixed Passbook icon. Fixed wallpaper not apper in settings. Added more icons.
  • Initial release.


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