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Support iOS 7 & 8 (For iOS 8 version search aupi for iOS 8).

Welcome to the new language of design. aupi is smooth icon with smooth shadow. aupi takes iOS to new way on design.

All icons and UI match to iOS and wallpaper.

Every icon look deep and smooth. aupi is clear and bright. aupi is special theme for iOS download it and you will find. No more iOS now only aupi.

aupi included: Over 170 icons, New UI for iOS, New Wallpapers with parallax, New Control Center, New Keyboard and lock sounds, New IntelliscreenX theme, New Convergance theme,New ClassicDock theme, New Classic LockScreen theme And more.

Hello aupi! The biggest change to aupi since first version of aupi, iOS 8 and iPhone 6 support (Search aupi for iOS 8 in Cydia), All wallpapers support iPhone 6 with parallax effect, New settings icons, New Camera filter button, New lock sound, New keyboard sound, New Mask option (Round mask), New Option to enable/disable aupi sounds, Added more icons (with your requests), Added Health and Tips icons for iOS 8, Redesigned many icons (Contacts, Clock, Maps, Phone and more), Refreshed many icons (Settings,Passbook,Safari,Messages and more), Better thumb for toggles, Better boot icons, Better UI, Fixed ClassicDock for iOS 8 (Not tested on iPhone 6), Fixed icons name, And much more.

Recent changes

  • New Icons. Fixed Icons.
  • Added more icons. New loading animation. Better Maps app icon. Better Photos app icon. Fixed much icons name. Fixed Activator icon. Fixed VPN icon in settings. Fixed Location icon in settings. Fixed Bluetooth icon in Privacy settings. If some icons not working please email me.
  • Added more icons. New Maps icon (The older is altrnative). New Keyboard sound. Added maps icon to settings icons.
  • Fixed Passbook icon. Added new icons.
  • Lots of improvements.
  • Added Fantastical 2 icons.
  • Added more icons (google maps,iBooks,Camera + and more). Added more UI. New loading animation (also on status bar). New boot/respring logo. New Passbook icon (the older is altrnative). New Control Center. New circle for Remindes UI. Redesign thumb for toogles. Better YouTube. Better Weather icon. Better Spotify icon. Redesign Google + icon. And more.
  • Add more icons (ESPN Score Center,Fitbit,Google Maps,Backofamerica,Tunein Radio,Tunein Radio Pro,iMovie,Castro,iTransmission 4,AppInfo,yelp,Bridge and more), Fixed icons name, 1Password icon redesign, Better dock for ClassicDock, Fixed Calendar date & day style.
  • New many icons. Added YouTube alternative icon.
  • Added ClassicLockScreen tweak theme. Redesign Compass app icon (the older is alternative). Better Claendar date style. Better Passbook app icon. Better Control Center. New settings icons with new compass icon. Better UISwtich thumb. Fixed SoundHound full version icon. Fixed Facebook messenger icon.
  • New 2 wallpapers. Added many icons(with all your requests). Added ClassicDock theme (disable "Darken BG behind dock in ClassicDock settings). Added New slide to unlock icon. Redesign Music app icon. Redesign GameCenter app icon.. Redesign FaceTime app icon(the older now is alternative). Better Reminders icon. Better Maps icon. Better AppStore icon. Better iTunes Store icon. Better Cydia app icon. Redesign many 3rd apps icons. Better many 3rd apps icons. Better ControlCenter. Better Convergance theme. New some settings icons. More UI. Better UI. Full support keyboard sound to Calculator app sound. Fixed icons name.
  • New many icons. Added Chrome icon(Alternative).
  • Fixed bug that theme not appear.
  • Initial release.


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