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Compatibility Information
• Supported Devices: All current iOS devices.
• Firmware: iOS 10.x, iOS 9.x, iOS 8.x and iOS 7.x.
• Language: English and French (Please contact me if you wish to help localize Audicy to your native language).

Audicy is a hybrid of Safari Downloader+ and Chrome Downloader+ built-in Media Importer.
It is a stand-alone app which allows you to browse your entire device and add any supported audio/video to your Music app, Videos app, Ringtones, Podcasts, Camera Roll... without having to rely on iTunes or connect to your Mac or PC.

You can import multiple files at once like all the songs in an album and let Audicy implicitly extract any embedded Metadata.
Or when you prefer to have more control, you can single out a file to modify its Metadata and search Google Images for a specific album artwork.
One of Audicy's coolest features is its ability to effortlessly trim/cut any supported audio file to a desired musical fragment which you can use as a favourite ringtone or song.

Audicy also integrates efficiently and intuitively with SoundCloud+ and both the popular download managers Safari Downloader+ and Chrome Downloader+.

The user interface was lovingly designed to give Audicy a clean look and sexy feel which integrate discreetly and beautifully with iOS design.


• Media Importer works in either 3G/LTE or WiFi modes.
• Export to Audicy from within any external app that has such support for opening Audio/Video files.
• Use Audicy to open files in other apps using the option “Open In”.
• Use Audicy to share your files using major Social Media apps.
• Freely modify your media's Metadata i.e. track number, title, artist, album name, genre and release year.
• Browse your Photo Library for a different album artwork.
• Search Google Images for a specific album artwork using a beautiful interface designed exclusively for cover image search.
• Import multiple files at once like all the songs in an album to the same destination and let Audicy implicitly extract any embedded Metadata.
• When Browsing your device for files, Audicy automatically extract any built-in Metadata and uses it to display more details about the file.
• Choose to be notified when the import process is done and conveniently get an option to open the destination app.
• Preview audios and videos before importing them.
• Choice of import types: Song, Ringtone, Podcast, Music Video, Movie and TV Episode.
• View a list of your imported ringtones with the option to rename or delete them.

Video Tutorial

Recent changes

• Further user interface design improvements.
• Added an extra option as per users request to adjust the volume level of an audio before importing.
• Further improvements to the importing process (better extraction of metadata, use of 256kbps when converting audio file to iOS preferred format m4a.
• Added a seetings' option to add a 333ms fade in and fade out to your time range when you trim an audio.
• Audicy will now inspect audio files and prompt you to attempt fixing them if they are malformed or not recognized as an audio file.


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