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"Aube" meaning Dawn.

A new Day, a new beginning, a new experience! Aube the perfect french word to describe this photoshop masterpice that will catch your attention in a unique way! iOS7'S and iOS8 UI is good but unfortunatly icons simply don't match within the overall design. This being the reason why i started this theme, to make both UI and icons match and give the user a new experience.

In addition to the subtle and well thought changes made to the icons, it includes the following touches. Status Bar UI. Zeppelin LOGO. Full Preferences theme. Wallpapers. Costume icon badge. 130 icons and more to come by request. ALT icons, and lot more...

Requirements: ThemeLib from (cloister repo) FREE. IconOmatic (for under shadow only) FREE. iconBundles FREE.

NOTE: As a note to anyone that buys this theme, i will support 100% with updates as i always have done in the past with my other themes. Will not work on another theme until iOS9, meanwhile will work and respond with changes and additions to this wonderful project.

Thanks for the support and say NO TO PIRACY, if for any reason you can't but the theme please ask me for a free copy, but please be honest this project took me 6 months of work since its only on my spare time that i work on it. If you prefer to donate whatever amount other then the price listed please do so to via PayPal

Don't forget to check my other themes. Vivis HD (IOS6). Vivis HD7 (IOS7). Vivis HD8 (IOS8). ativiOS HD (IOS6 ONLY).

THANKS @psprrom and God Bless...

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