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Compatible with iOS 8 and 9

AttachmentFlow expands the functionality of Mail app by adding the possibility to view e-mail attachments directly in the list of messages, without having to open each message/conversation to search for the attachments inside. Also, it adds a special 'Flow' view to the app where all attachments from all messages are displayed in a single convenient place. No more hunting through the messages to find a specific attachment - all are instantly visible from the moment you start the app.

Tap on the paper clip button in the lower left corner of Mail app to toggle displaying downloaded attachments on or off in the e-mail conversation list. Long press on the button to open the Flow view with all attachments; you can display all attachments, or only the ones of the specific type (pictures, documents, audio/video, or any other custom type). To prevent unexpected data charges, new attachments will not be downloaded and displayed without your consent.

Tapping on an attachment thumbnail will open it in full screen, with the standard sharing options (send by message or e-mail, AirDrop, etc). Swipe left or right to view the other attachments in the message/conversation.

The functionality of this tweak can be customized in 'Settings/AttachmentFlow':
- Choose if you want to see attachment file names
- Possibility of hiding small images (icons, signature logos and other uninteresting stuff)
- Hiding attachments with specific extensions
- Various performance controls
- Custom filters for the Flow view

Bonus: some iOS 9.0.2 devices have issue with the attachment cache - the system keeps deleting the attachments daily, forcing you to re-download them every time. Go to 'Settings/AttachmentFlow/Missing Attachments' to fix this problem on your device.

Works in stock Mail app on all iOS 8 and 9 devices.

Recent changes

- Fix for attachments overlapping mail preview text


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