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When you think about it, the Lock Screen is the first thing you see when you turn your iPhone/iPod touch on, yet what you do in the Lock Screen is very limited. That's where atom comes in. atom extends the use of the Lock Screen by allowing you the option to choose between any of 6 applications you want to launch, right from your Lock Screen. Getting to your favourite applications has never been so quick and intuitive. atom also re-imagines a new and innovative way of unlocking your iPhone/iPod touch with the ease of almost a flick (up) gesture.

atom Overview:
? All-new design style for iOS 8
? Works with Touch ID and Passcode enabled devices
? Quick access to your 6 favourite apps from the Lock Screen
? Dynamic grabber depending on your choice of wallpaper
? Incredibly smooth hands-on animations
? Redesigned preference panel for better usability
? Ergonomically/Intuitively designed for everyday use

"There have been Lock screen tweaks that have allowed you to launch directly into an app before, but none of them featured the beautifully animated style of atom"
- iDownloadBlog

"It's all so smooth... I just drag the grabber around the screen, playing with the icons and forget why I was unlocking my phone in the first place."

"atom is a big improvement to the stock Lock Screen that I believe any power user would love for their iOS device."
- iPhoneHacks

"Atom?s animations are very smooth and the icon layout is beautiful"
- AppAdvice

Recent changes

Version 1.2:
• iPad compatibility!
• Ability to select between left, center (both) or right hand use (iPad users only)
• Optimize for stability and faster performance

Version 1.1.2:
• Fixes rare crash found on very few devices

Version 1.1.1
• Properly disables lock screen bounce when Default Lock Gesture is off

Version 1.1
• Adds ability to disable default unlock gesture
• Adds option for circular app icons
• Adds badge support
• Fixes blurry icons in preference panel
• Fixes oversize icon when hovering over app/unlock icon on Lock Screen
• Optimize for stability and faster performance

Version 1.0:
• Fixed grabber bug where it would be displayed in the center of screen and apps appear top left


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