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Requires iOS 7

Asphaleia provides a beautiful security system for your apps and more, coupled with an unparalleled level of user configurability.

Conceptualized & Designed by Sentry

Coded & Developed by Callum Ryan

Whether you use the gorgeously animated fingerprint scanning or the clean passcode input UI, accessing your secured apps is as straightforward as it is elegant.

Asphaleia also lets you secure apps dynamically without opening settings. Simply use Touch ID or an Activator Action in an app to add it to your secured apps list. The Asphaleia Control Panel can also be used to quickly enable or disable security for your selected apps, or all apps.

Secure various system functions as well such as app arranging, app previews, slide to power off, control center, spotlight, multitasking, and many more coming in updates.

Also included in Asphaleia are a plethora of options that let you customize exactly what you want to secure how you want to secure it. This includes letting you set authentication intervals, redefine unlock behaviors, specific fingerprint allowances, various Activator Actions, and many more convenient settings.

Recent changes

- Fixed a notification authentication bypass issue
- Fixed a graphical issue


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