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Compatible with iOS 7 and iOS 8

Asos is a great new app locker which makes protecting your apps both simple and beautiful. Just select which apps you want locked from prying eyes, choose a passcode to unlock it with (or use the same passcode used to unlock your device) and the apps are immediately protected from everyone you don't want to see them.

Asos is also compatible with TouchID, meaning that unlocking your private apps is never more than just a quick finger press away.

Additionally, Asos's settings page is locked, ensuring that only you have the ability to turn Asos off or change which apps are secured. The settings page may also be accessed via TouchID.

Asos also provides several nifty features which makes locking apps from prying eyes more convenient than ever. You can require authentication every time the app is opened, on a timed basis, or once per respring. Asos also blurs your locked apps in multitasking so prying eyes can't see what you were doing.


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