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Ascension ? the act of rising to an important position or a higher level.

We have created extraordinary themes in the past, but with Ascension HD, we asked ourselves, "What is a theme?"

A theme should be something you enjoy using, time after time again. It should be a continuous journey: an everlasting experience.

When designing Ascension HD, we aspired to create something much greater: an extensively well-thought-out, yet simplistic design, representing more than just a theme.

Our sole mission, was to create a brand new theming experience: a theme unlike any other. We have achieved this strict mindset, with Ascension HD.

Ascension HD lives up to its name, rising to a higher level. Unlike many others, Ascension HD is a TRUE theme.

Ascension HD features: A bright and colorful style, but also a darker one ? we hope everyone will like it! Lots of custom, thoroughly re-designed icons! Custom icon mask ? themes virtually EVERY icon on your iPad, perfectly matching them with the amazing depth of Ascension HD! Fully themed icons ? the icons of your preference panes will match the gorgeous style of your SpringBoard! System-wide interface enhancement, including custom respring logos, and more ? a preview of what is to come! ;) 8 beautiful, custom, high definition wallpapers ? and counting! Custom status bar icons ? make your status bar as exquisite as the rest of Ascension HD!

Ascension HD is fully compatible with: iPad Devices. iOS 8. iOS 7.

Ascension HD requires: IconBundles ? to correctly theme icons. IconOmatic ? for automatic icon theming.

Please read: A lot of time, and thought, has gone into creating Ascension HD. What you see here today, is the result of countless hours of designing, and then re-designing, every single icon. Spanned over days, then weeks. Even when we were not working on Ascension HD, we were constantly thinking about it, obsessing over it. We could not get it out of our minds ? refining every single aspect of the theme, ensuring that the tiniest details are always noticed, and never taken for granted.

But, we also made this theme for another purpose. Unfortunately, one of us is in dire need of surgery, and we're relying on any profits this theme brings us, to be able to pay for it.

Therefore, we ask that you please, have a heart. Do not pirate this theme, at least not for a few weeks. Help us make enough to pay for this surgery, so we can both continue collaborating together, and keep on bringing great themes to you in the future! :)

We'll let you know right now, there is no type of DRM in this theme. It would be easy to pirate. But we plead with you, not to do so. We really need the money to pay for this surgery, and we'll really appreciate it if you support us in this time of need.

Don't forget to check out the iPhone/iPod touch version ? Ascension.


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