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Compatible with iOS 8 and 9
For iOS 7, try Arise (iOS 7)

Ease the most important time of the day a bit with Arise.

Arise lets you customize alarms to fit your personal way of waking up well. It's completely localized and seamlessly integrates with the native Clock app and Siri.

? Individual settings per alarm
? Custom volume
? Beats 1 support
? Multiple ringtones
? Volume fade-in
? Disable vibration
? Automatic dismissal
? Default profile for new alarms (compatible with both Clock app and Siri)
? Localized in 14 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Turkish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Romanian, Russian, Greek, Italian and Polish

Compatible with Snooze and Sleeper.

Configure options from Settings.

Recent changes

Updated for iOS 9
Introduced Beats 1 functionality
Added safe guard against Siri creating silent alarms
Updated localization logic


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