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Requires iOS 7. Supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Arise lets you customize alarms to fit your personal way of waking up well.
It adds a volume slider to each alarm; you might want to set up a first gentle alarm and later a louder one. There won't be any more oversleeping because of a too silent alarm.
To ease up your morning Arise is able to add a smooth fade-in, which gradually increases the volume from 0 to your custom defined value. For conveniency it is possible to let specified alarms be snoozed after a delay of up to 3 minutes.
Arise is completely localizable and seamlessly integrates with the native Clock app.

Compatible with Snooze.

No options to configure.

Recent changes

* New features:
- Option to disable vibration
- Default settings for new alarms (configure in

* 11 new localizations:
- Spanish (by /u/carlos_ortiz, /u/RomanceAndCigarettes, /u/Rothuith, /u/AutumnStrings and Juan Correas)
- Turkish (by /u/VailedX)
- Danish (by /u/Dynamexia and /u/quinyd)
- Dutch (by /u/Haxtro and /u/RandomName01)
- Norwegian (by /u/dnivi3)
- Swedish (by /u/quinyd)
- Romanian (by /u/quinyd)
- Russian (by /u/DG7777)
- Greek (by /u/L4grange)
- Italian (by djanvito)


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