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Ariki lets you walk and text safely by giving you the ability to see the ground right through your keyboard without worrying about hitting something or falling by having a background camera view on your keyboard.

Some of the features:

- Very snappy and smooth opening of the keyboard and camera.
- Works everywhere, so you can use it inside/outside apps.
- Night mode for typing at dark places by giving you the ability to toggle flash on/off.
- Controlled instantly from the keyboard itself so you don?t have to go to the settings to toggle features on/off.
- Works perfectly with portrait and landscape orientations.
- The ability to activate the camera with Activator.
- And many more to find out in the settings!

How to use it?

- You can easily activate/deactivate the camera by holding the space bar on your keyboard.
- Hold the f key (in any latin keyboard) to toggle flash on/off. And for the arabic keyboard, hold the ف key.


Ariki is compatible with all devices running iOS 8+ ( iPhone, iPad, iPod ).


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