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Hello my dear friends here I bring you today Aragon and awesome and detailed theme compatible with i6 plus on ios7/ios8 that contain:more then 450 icons, full and detailed UI, cccontrols theme, 2 badges, zeppelin logo and more you will see if you go on cydia/search and write Aragon. Now this package will install:icons pack, UI, 2 badges, 1 iconomatic shadow and zeppelin logo so to use all that install the following tweaks: winterboard, iconomatic, classicbadges and zeppelin now as many don't know the badges need to be activate one at the time not both in the same time. Those who need help or have requests i need an screenshot from your paypal that you bought it. I like to thank to Sital for doing some icons for Aragon, Jato_BZ for helping me theme the apple music and to all those who participate on the beta version.

Those who use eclipse here are the hex colors: NaviBar:393838, Theme color:514D4A, Tint color:BC826F, text color:C5C3C3.

Recent changes

  • Fix bugs.
  • Fix bugs.
  • Add a few more apps and fix some bugs.
  • Fix icons, add a few more apps and ios9 missing icons and add more ui.
  • iOS9 compatible.
  • Fix icons, add more ui, icleaner them and more also is full compatible with anemone to.
  • Fix alot of icons, fix clock app ui and cydia icons for anemone.
  • Fix icons add a few more, fix tapatalk ui.
  • Add more icons,add compatibility for anemone even the iconomatic themes and calendar now works on anemone to.credits to Chevy for the info.plist King_O_Hill for share it to me and NewD for helping me.
  • Add more icons, fix a few and add the weather icons for the stock weather app.
  • Add more icons, add 3 new iconomatic themes.
  • Fix some icons and add many more.
  • Add more icons, fix bugs on the ui and add a few more ui, add more badges with different color frames.
  • Initial release.


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